6 Awesome New Year Party Theme Ideas

New Year is around the corner and you have volunteered to throw a party in your house. 

Do you want to make it best party ever?

Do you want to impress your friends or family and spend memorable time with them?

Then these New Year party themes, ideas will make your party more interesting and entertaining:


  • Hippy Theme

People wearing colorful clothes like hippie

The hippy culture was full of controversial beliefs and mass peace-making ideology.

That was not all we got from it, we also got fashion and music that was filled with colors and feelings.

Imagine your friends and family dressed in colorful fashionable clothes and dancing on the Psychedelic music of Beatles.

Yes, they will look awesome and they will remember you and your party forever.

Creating a hippy theme is very easy just remember colors.

And don’t forget to tell your friends & family to dress like a hippie and buy some good Psychedelic music.

You can buy Psychedelic music from here.


  • Tomorrowland Festival’s Theme

picture of tomorrowland music festival

Tomorrowland is world’s largest electronic music festival held in Boom, Belgium.

They spend a copious amount of money every year on the theme that represents the festival’s grand and enchanting demeanor.

There are mainly eight Tomorrowland Festival themes used till now.

You can easily create any Tomorrowland theme by just buying music played by various artists during a year when a particular theme was used.

No need to buy expensive props and décor for your home but you can buy if you want.

You can buy music by various artists from here.


  • Black and White Theme

People dancing in black and white party theme

This is a classic and good theme for sophisticated, simple and sober people.

To create it you just need to tell your friends to wear Black & White Clothes.

Decorate your home with black & white décor.

You can buy décor for your home from here.


  • Black room party

People enjoying dark room party

This theme is very easy to execute, just make one of the room in your house go dark completely.

Then decorate it with black-lights and glow-in-dark decor .

Tell your friends and family to wear glow-in-dark clothes and those cool neon party props.

To make food go with this theme your can try tonic water ( it glows in dark) and serve neutral-toned foods like hummus and cheese dip.

You can buy clothes, decor and food from here for this party theme.


  • Last Indulgence party

Pictures of three bottles filled with color and lights

We all make resolution for New Year and they are mostly related to food or drinks.

The food/drinks which we promise to never have again in the coming New Year.

This theme is all about  giving one last time opportunity to your friend and family to get indulge with their favorite food and drinks.

Contact your friends, prepare list and buy food.

This theme is the easiest to execute and suites foodies, you know what we mean.

You can buy food items from here.


  • Noon Year Party

Kids enjoying New Year Party

As we all now it is not good for kids to stay awake till midnight.

You can throw a Noon year party for kids before the party for adults.

Create paper noise-makers or go on a memory scavenger hunt by placing pictures of events throughout the year around the house.

You can buy kids party supplies from here.

Try a combination of themes which-ever suites your taste.

Happy New Year!

Don’t forget to take resolutions which you will forget next year.

Minions enjoying New Year Party

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