Beer Makes You Smarter

Are you wondering that which drink you should have this New Year eve?

Well, we will tell you why  Beer should be the one.


You might feel that drinking beer makes you funnier, friendlier, more confident or make you go dance crazy. Well, there is lot more that happens to your body when you drink beer.

If you are a beer lover then we have some interesting facts about “Effects of Drinking Beer on Human Body”.

Beer is believed to be one of the oldest fermented drink in the world. It is made by blending grains like barley or millet or corn with water and fermenting the mixture with brewer’s yeast. The liquid is infused with hops to give its characteristics bitter taste.

According to a study that ran in Behavioral Brain Research in October 2014, scientists discovered that Xanthohumol, which is a type of Flavonoid found in Hops, could slow down Palmitoylation-a natural process which is associated with memory degradation in animals and human.

The research was conducted on a group of young and old mice, through an 8-week series of test. Given a high dosage of Xanthohumol, researchers found out that it helped the young mice in Spatial Memory and Cognitive Function but it did not have the same impact on older mice.

The cognitive flexibility of the mice was tested with a special designed maze, and the younger mice showed signs of intellectual improvement, but the results restricted to age barrier. Researchers believe that Xanthohumol and other flavonoids, found in red wine, chocolates and blueberries may play a role in helping person form memories.

Other important factor is, the dosage of flavonoid that was given to mice were very high which equals to drinking 2000 Liters of beer by a person in a day. Don’t be shocked, if you want to see improvement in brain function then you have to match the dosage that were given to mice , which is having around 3500 pints, 2000 litres of beer a day by a human. That doesn’t mean that you would go and start having 10-20 beers a day, it may cause serious health issues.

So don’t rush to buy some beer, you anyway cannot have 3500pints a day, but drinking 3-4 pints a day may help.

Researchers believe that Xanthohumol may be harvested one day to slow down age-related memory deficits.

So, chill and share laugh with friend on an ice-cold beer.

And Drink beer this New Year eve, who knows that you may get that super human brain power.


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