Top 6 must have Mobile Accessories

Mobile accessories are add-ons that reinforce, enhance or enrich a particular feature on your mobile phone.

A simple search for mobile accessories on Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal gives you 61 million combined searches.

With so many options available to you, it is important not only to prioritize but also buy only those accessories which will be essential.

Let’s see top 6 must have mobile accessories for your mobile phone according to us.

1. Power Back/External Batteries


Lenovo PA13000 13000 mAh Powerbank | Color: White
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With increasing trend of 4G enabled on our mobile phones and consumption of data like VOD (video on demand) we generally end up exhausting phone’s battery early.

If you are worried that you will be doomed without your phone and cannot afford any downtime, then external batteries are solution for you.

2. Mobile Cover


Noise Designer Printed Case / Cover for Samsung Galaxy J2 - 6 (New 2016 Edition) / Bling / Heart Design (GD-235)
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Mobile covers are cocoon that not only protects your cell phone from structural damage but also gives your phone a unique and stylish personality.

3. Headset


Panasonic Setero Headset ERGO RP-TCM125 | Color: Violet
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We are not always satisfied with the quality of headset that is provided to us initially when we buy phones.

It is very important to have a high quality headset that gives you complete feeling when you hear music and it’s also a precautionary measure that protects you from radiation when you call or talk using headset.

4. Screen Protector


Kare's mobile screen protector
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5. Data Cables


Data Cables | Color: White
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If you are looking to buy high quality data cables AmazonBasics and Flipkart SmartBuy are the stores for you.

6. Wireless Charger


Samsung wireless charger | Color: Black
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Although wireless chargers are not as fast as wire chargers but we all deserve an experience of being tangle free.

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